Saluting Those Who Care

2014 April 2014 Tommy Clarkson

By Tommy Clarkson  from the April 2014 Edition

The kind folks who so generously supported Casa Hogar Angelitos prepare to enjoy their sumptuous and delicious “Cajun Culination” dinner.!

We – that would be Patty and me of Ola Brisa Gardens deeply love and greatly appreciate Manzanillo, its people and all which comprises it. Accordingly, each year we join others in striving to show our gratitude to the community by our involvement with organized “causes of consequence”.

Thus, to three charities each year, we contributed the use of our home, gardens (complete with a full, two hour personalized tour) and Dining Palapa for either a Tropical

Following coffee with Bailey’s Irish Cream or Almond Tequila and a “Tommy Tour” of the gardens comes freshly squeezed orange juice and chilled champagne mimosas for the Santiago Foundation Brunch

Gardens Ultimate Brunch or an abbreviated – but no less fun experience.

Each at the minimum is comprised of freshly ground and brewed, locally grown coffee with Baileys Irish Cream or Almond Tequila, chilled champagne and freshly squeezed orange juice Mimosas, just out of the oven, locally baked pan dulces and (what’s that great Cajun word?) some lagniappe -“A little something extra” for each and every participant!

This year the activities with which we were

With those who supported the “Children of Liborio Espinosa Children’s Home Benefit” having arrived and now savoring their coffee,
Patty and Ana stand by to serve!

involved were: Liborio Espinoza Children’s Home, the Santiago Foundation and the Casa Hogar Los Angelitos Orphanage, the latter, well representative of the generosity of the ex-pat community, raised $750 (USD) from this event.

Were they a success? Did all involved have a great time? Was it a memorable event? Judge for yourselves by viewing videos of each of these fun mornings on our web site:

(Each can be found via the VISITORS drop down tab of 2014 and to the Fund Raisers and Special Events on our Home Page. Or you can simply go to the SEARCH link at the bottom of the home page and search for Fund Raisers.)

Thank you ex-pats of Manzanillo!

Deep in “The Civilized Jungle” of Ola Brisa Gardens,
Tommy leads his visitors.
For the Casa Hogar event, in addition to Paul, Patty and Tommy, several members of both the Godzilla’s Monster Burger staff and Team Ola Brisa volunteered their time and efforts to support the evening.
Tommy prepares to give all attendees several “currant tomatoes” – the
original species of all tomatoes which were first cultivated and
consumed here in Mexico.

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Tommy Clarkson

Tommy Clarkson is a bit of a renaissance man. He’s lived and worked in locales as disparate as the 1.2 square mile island of Kwajalein to war-torn Iraq, from aboard he and Patty’s boat berthed out of Sea Bright, NJ to Thailand, Germany, Hawaii and Viet Nam; He’s taught classes and courses on creative writing and mass communications from the elementary grades to graduate level; He’s spoken to a wide array of meetings, conferences and assemblages on topics as varied as Buddhism, strategic marketing and tropical plants; In the latter category he and Patty’s recently book, “The Civilized Jungle” – written for the lay gardener – has been heralded as “the best tropical plant book in the last ten years”; And, according to Trip Advisor, their spectacular tropical creation - Ola Brisa Gardens – is the “Number One Tour destination in Manzanillo”.

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