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2014 October 2014 Technology

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the October 2014 Edition

Amidst all of the troubling headlines and often times seemingly insurmountable problems facing us on a daily basis, there are yet still shining stars bringing brilliant glimpses of hope and promise to each new day. There is not enough space in this publication nor any more precious time in our lives to waste pointing out the obvious problems and challenges facing us a human species: Uncontrollable crime, violence, incurable diseases, poverty, economic and nuclear meltdowns, political and social upheavals, hunger, wars for natural resources, “natural” disasters, environmental catastrophes, etc. etc. blah.blah.blah.

The question you may or may not be asking is “OK. What can I do, besides bury my head in the proverbial sand?” One potential solution is to participate in, and support your local Clean Tech Revolution.

What is this “Clean Tech” you may ask? Isn’t that some sort of hippie green commie Star Trek biological robot nerd stuff? Not at all, in fact quite the opposite. It is really about utilizing the human mind and spirit of innovation, combined with natural intelligence and advanced culture, to reinvent and redesign new and more effective means of: energy production and consumption, waste & water management, agricultural & food production, transportation, architecture and building. So pick a category (or invent your own), apply your particular passions, set of skills, abilities and available resources. Now get to work towards a being part of a solution.

You may easily be saying “Forget about it! I’m retired. I’ve been working my whole life now it’s somebody else’s turn”. But the question begs at your soul: “Have I done all I can to be part of a solution?”. Remember, it is never too late and it does not have to be work, per se. In fact, it can be fun and inspiring for yourself and others.

For example: As professionals in the renewable energy and energy efficiency business, we take particular delight in focusing our passions towards evolving the energy and transportation challenges that currently face all of us, as well as our children and especially our grandchildren in the not so distant future. By creating, innovating and evolving solutions in the solar energy space, we are helping to solve energy related problems, strengthen our community and ultimately make a better world.

Through the sharing of information, knowledge and wisdom, facilitation of education and ultimately action via support of local Clean Tech businesses and organizations, you can indeed make a difference by increasing the speed of transition towards the new economy. So stop wasting time by continually pointing out and arguing about the world’s problems and complaining about the things you have no control over. Take personal responsibility and get out there and do something about all those problems. We need solutions and actions. Perhaps we could even manage to have some fun while making a difference!

In next month’s article we will have a list of 50 action items you can do on the local level to help participate in the Clean Tech Revolution. Please feel free to drop us an email with any creative ideas, actions, solutions or innovations that you would like to include on the list to share with the community.

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