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By Roving Reporter from the July 2011 Edition

With Antonio’s return to the Manzanillo culinary scene, about 40 friends descended for a “Thirsty Thursday” dinner recently at the new restaurant at the Salagua Jardin traffic lights, with mouths watering in anticipation. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. Although prices have increased (some substantially) from a few years ago, the quality and variety is unchanged and the menu, although a bit shorter, contains sufficient of the old and remembered favourites to satisfy everyone.

The astonishing Garlic soup was offered before the meal and, as always, nothing short of astonishing. The roast lamb, the Florentine shrimp, the incredible little pot roasts, stews, ribs and steaks came pouring out of the kitchen to the eagerly awaiting guests. This is cooking at its very best. The few people who had not gone to any of

Antonio’s previous locations, were watched with glee by old aficionados, for the fully expected expressions of pure delight on their faces as they sampled their selections.

This is a return to heaven for many of us. Antonio has not changed. He delights in his cooking and it was such an absolute pleasure to watch him scurrying happily in his new, now open to diners, kitchen. Huge pots of stock bubbled on the stove as he and his son, Antonio (grown from the little boy we remembered always being with his dad in days of old) worked side by side making magic before our eyes.

The wait staff was good, drinks flowed not always quickly, but still worth the wait. The only SNAFU was in paying the bill as the lady cashier was obviously not used to everyone wanting to pay the bill at the same time. But no matter, by that time tummies were full and waiters tried hard to help patrons as quickly as possible.

It has been noted that the restaurant has had many diners each time we have driven by since its opening and we sincerely hope that Los Antonios has found a new and permanent home. The only draw back is in the poor parking facilities, so be prepared to park a little way away or even over the road on busy evenings. It is however worth the aggravation and some of the other chefs, whom we feel have been resting on their laurels of late), will have to work a bit harder if they are not to be left in Antonio’s dust. Certainly, it will be this writer’s restaurant of choice for special evenings in the future. I am already salivating at the thought of the Paella I will be enjoying soon. (This dish takes much longer to prepare than most, so it is a good idea to pre order it if it is going to be your meal of choice on any particular occasion. I love the version with fideo noodles).

Reservations: (strongly recommended) 336-6048

Go soon to Los Antonios, enjoy your evening and say that Manzanillo Sun sent you.

Los Antonios is situated at the traffic lights of Salagua Jardin, on the golf course side.


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