Manzanillo Sun


2011 December 2010 Robert Hill

By Robert Hill from the December 2011 Edition

Renewing IMSS

IMSS has really streamlined the process for renewing your health insurance. The only thing they want to see is your plastic ID card and, not counting the time it took to walk to the bank and back (to pay), I did not spend more than 20 minutes in their offices. The fees are up slightly this year, costing $3,472 pesos, which is the maximum, for persons over 60.


After you pay at the bank, stop and have a copy made of the page stamped “Paid” by the bank, before returning to the IMSS office for your final paperwork, as IMSS needs a copy (you keep the original). There is a place across the street from the IMSS offices where you can have copies made for 1 peso.

Best place to park is in the second level parking above the Mercado. From the Mercado entrance walk 2 blocks west to Av. Allende, then right 50 ft. to the IMSS offices. They charge 4 pesos to park all day and that sure beats driving up and down all the little sreets looking for a spot.

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