“Pizzas Calzones and More – Oh My!”

2013 Food September 2013 Tommy Clarkson

By Tommy Clarkson from the September 2013 Edition

And what of she who is the operating brains behind this establishment? Rebeca has lived and worked in the US California and New Hampshire (the latter her favorite).

But she had to return home to have her father, Johan, a baker and owner of Panadera La Abuelita Pan dulce Mexicana, teach her how to make this outstanding fare.

(By the way, her father’s pastries can be purchased right across the street from Rebeca’s at her mother’s business, Abarrotes Lucy, where I often stop anyway for beer and water when heading up into the mountains to explore.)

The massive, ore laden trucks passing by can be a bit noisy every once in a while and if the kids are not in school, their TV babysitter entertainment can be a little taxing. But neither are any reason whatsoever to not give this unique establishment a try! I believe you will enjoy it as much as do we and, like us, regularly return.

The small community of Comatlan about ten miles away from Manzanillo on the old Minatitlán highway is not the Land of Oz. Though, for those making the trip a first time, the trek may seem a bit enchanting what with the twisting, winding road and lush green overgrowth and, at times, even be a bit reminiscent of Oz’s Gugu’s Forest. Nor were my traveling companions a tin woodsman void of heart, a scarecrow desiring a brain and a lily-livered lion. But the lunchtime dining experience my longtime pals and I enjoyed was nearly as other worldly as had it of been with Dorothy and Toto in the Emerald City itself!

Plain named “Rebeca’s Pizza & Café”  the food was far from basic, simple or ordinary. We had two wholly different (but both equally superlative) calzones sliced in eight large pieces and two medium pizzas also presented as eight sumptuous slices each. These were a thin crusted pepperoni (agreed by all as one of the best we had ever had) and a spectacular “Especial” . . . suffice it to say it was wonderful.

Oh, and for desert chocoflan one half succulent, moist and mouthwatering chocolate cake, the other a wonderfully delicious flan. It alone, was almost worth the trip over!

Her place is on the corner NW intersection of Highway 98 and where the main street heads into the mass of the town. (And, she has another restaurant, further up the road on the highway in Paticajon)

If you’ve a larger group, call her ahead at (314) 138-9813 (or at her other place at (314) 121-9481) and she will doubly ensure that your experience is a delightful one!

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