Poker Tournament 2011

2011 Jim Evans March 2011

By Jim Evans from the March 2011 Edition

As the sun, on its daily journey, began its final descent behind Elephant Rock in Santiago Bay on Wednesday evening February 2, 2011 PATA began their third Annual Poker Tournament. For the second year in a row the tourney was hosted by The Oasis Restaurant, in Club Santiago, whose owners Diego and Paco graciously donated the room and the tables. The Oasis has a fantastic food, and the only real Beach Bar in Manzanillo.

PATA Board Member and Tournament Director Chantel Oleskin kicked off the festivities around 7 pm with a reading of the rules of play, and once again this year Chantel, in her inimitable style made the obligatory call…..exhorting the dealers to “shuffle up and deal”.

All in all 29 players of all ages and skill levels from all over the world contributed $ 450.00 Pesos each to be used by PATA in their various endeavors including: “ Free” Spay and Neuter Clinics, the annual 5 day clinic, and monthly mini clinics.

The dealers: Susan Corey, Chris Hatherell, Patty Talasay, Kenny Talasay, and Jim Evans… all accomplished poker players, donated their time for the event. Lora Bloss served as an alternate dealer and was instrumental in setting up the room, along with

June Evans, Brigett Cowan, Stan Burnett and M.J.

Once again the former winners for two straight years,

Benny and Grace McCormick were present and appropriately attired in bulls-eye t-shirts, several people were focused on the pair, determined to knock the affable Canadians from their lofty perch… It didn’t take long for this year’s cadre of Poker aficionados to zero in on the targeted pair, knocking them both out in the first round. It was pretty clear from the beginning that several people were taking this event very seriously.

After several hours the final six players were determined.. The chip leader Richard “ the Engineer” Proctor never relinquished his lead, and with a series of crushing raises and a bit of luck literally destroyed all who challenged him.
As the dust settled only two warriors remained …
Richard, and Tommy Clarkson… unfortunately for Tommy, Rich held an enormous chip advantage of over ten to one, as he whittled away at the challengers ever diminishing stack… On what was to be the final hand between these two proud Poker antagonists, Rich bet $ 3000.00 before the flop and Tommy called, he was all in… The leader turned over A-8, Tommy who had been card dead for most of the final table showed K-6…

An Ace came on the flop ..

The turn and river were insignificant and Rich raised his fist in victory as the faithful watchers cheered … Interesting side note… just the night before four of the winners were in a poker game together.. wonder who won that one ??

The four remaining winners in order of their finish were:

  1. Tommy “ the Colonel” Clarkson – $1,000 peso gift certificate for La Pergola Restaurant,
  2. “TV Patty” Clarkson – Massage therapy gift certificate valued at 800 pesos,
  3. Courtney “ the Best” Firmi – Brunch for 2 at Pepe’s Hideaway in La Punta,
  4. Glen “ the sleeper” Ohlinger – Dinner for 2 at El Fogon.

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