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2014 Elaine Parker July 2014

 By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the July 2014 Edition

Happy July Ladies,

Our July Mujeres Amigas luncheon will be held on Wednesday, July 2nd at Oasis. Arrive at 12:30 to pay for your luncheon and drinks so you can socialize until lunch is served at 1:00. The lunch will be pizza and a salad. The afternoon will be a fun get together. Darcy will be the hostess. Jasmine is to join us with flowers available to buy. Also, the guy who sells and sharpens knives may show up.

Since the luncheon falls between Canada Day and the 4th of July, we can celebrate both holidays by wearing your countries colors, bring your flag and talk about some of your countries traditions.

Ladies Please If you plan on attending the luncheon, please respond by 1:00 p.m. Tuesday, June 3rd to It is important to respond. Last month I received 17 responses to attend and sent that number to Oasis. 30 ladies attended the luncheon. It took longer to serve everyone because Diego, Kate and staff were expecting about 20 to 25. We are all happy you attended the luncheon, but please respond to the above address. A few more or a few less are ok. Let’s not take advantage of Oasis’ kindness in letting Mujeres Amigas hold our luncheons at their restaurant.


The Friends of Mexican Animal Welfare sent a progress report on the Manzanillo Veterinary Teaching Center and Spay/Neuter Clinic. The group is working to equip a first class facility that can be used as a teaching center for Manzanillo’s Mexican Veterinarians who work in spay/neuter programs in and around Manzanillo and beyond. This facility will also serve as a low-cost spay/neuter clinic for Manzanillo. Reports received that as of June 15, 2014, the organization is half-way to their goal of $23,000 to equip the clinic and to pay rent and utilities for two years. To make a donation to help make the clinic a reality, go to their web site 100% of all donations will be matched by a private donor.

Some further good information:

From Lydia Bevaart: Outside Sam’s Club there are recycling bins for plastic bottles, paper products, and jars of all kinds. At the service desk at Soriana, there is a jar for old batteries. Good news for those who wish to do recycling. Hopefully, these items will be made into new products and not wind up in a garbage dump.

From Darcy Reed: The updated Manzanillo Referrals list in the Fall will have a category for Caregivers, those who will be able to sleep over for someone who needs either short-term or long –term care. However, for expanding the list, if any of you know of someone in Manzanillo who has done similar work, please send names to

From Candy: Oasis is fixing up their palapa and it looks great. They are also putting in a Rosa’s Gelato store like the one at the marina and on Audiencia.

Godzilla’s: is now offering a delivery service for 10 pesos. Call the restaurant (314) 335-3772 for service areas and to order.

Mex-Eco Tours: are offering a tour to Copper Canyon in early August. For further information or to sign up, contact Mex-Eco Tours at or

Pepes Hideaway: has been rated “excellent” on Trip Advisor by 145 travelers. For information and reservations at Pepes Hideaway go to

Lastly: Don’t forget to read the latest issue of the Manzanillo Sun e-Magazine. Go to soon after the beginning of July.


Tuesday, July 1st – Happy Canada Day to all our Canadian Mujeres Amigas Friday, July 4th – Happy 4th of July to all our American Mujeres Amigas

ED: In the newsletter, which was sent out to Mujeres Amigas, Elaine, stated that Dia de la Marina is July 1st unfortunately that is incorrect. It is actually held on June 1st, when often the Armada puts on an interesting program in the Bay of Manzanillo. It is, however, a Civic holiday.

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