Manzanillo’s Hidden Culinary Delights

2010 Food January 2010 Terry Sovil

By Terry Sovil  from the January 2010 Edition


This brand new restaurant just opened on Saturday, December 5. It is located next door to Carlos & Sussy’s Laundry. If you are headed towards Las Brisas the restaurant is just down from Juanitos. There is a stop light just past Juanitos, keep a sharp eye and the restaurant is on the corner of the very next street (Privada Los Naranjos). It is easy to spot going this direction.

The restaurant features tremendous seafood dishes with fish (pescado), shrimp (camarones), octopus (pulpo) in a variety of traditional, and delicious, presentations. The ceviche has garnered a lot of praise for taste and I’ve overheard several say “it’s the best I’ve had”. I’m not a big ceviche fan but actually liked this. Many are familiar with Tanilos restaurants at the lagoon by the power plant and on La Boquita near Club Santiago.

Carlos and family spent 10 years in Paso Robles, CA (wine country, remember the movie “Sideways”) and they are all bi-lingual. Carlos wants to present traditional Mexican seafood but also has a keen interest in some expat foods. A traditional expat type salad bar is in the works and Carlos is eager for feedback on other options that might be of interest. One recent suggestion was for an “authentic hamburger day” one day each week. His liquor license is approved but not officially active until the end of the month when he will feature beer, margaritas, pina coladas as well as soft drinks.

Friends and I have sampled the menu and tried the ceviche as I mentioned. The soup is fantastic, add some ketchup
and hot sauce al gusto. We’ve also tried the tacos (bean, fish and shrimp), the shrimp tostado and the quesadillas. All were done extremely well and tasted great! The overall menu is extensive with something that should please everyone. Carlos opens at 10am and while it isn’t on the menu you may be able to score some deliciousscrambled eggs with bacon or ham and sides of beans and rice. It is really good, a must visit.

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