January 2010

In this issue:

Living in Mexico

  • When is a Motel not a Motel – Freda Rumford
  • Adventure in Puerto Escondido – Jim Evans

Art Scene in Manzanillo

  • A Night at the Bellet – Mariana Llamas-Cendon


  • Pelicans – Howard Platt
  • Sport Diving in Manzanillo


  • Avoiding Dengue –  Howard Platt


  • Personality of the Month – John Corey – Tommy Clarkson
  • Let’s Chat – The Casas of Manzanillo – Patty Clarkson

Culinary Scence

  • “T’s” Gallery Recipe – Tere Quizoz
  • Hidden Culinary Treasures – Terry Sovil
  • Leche, Liquor and the Ladies – Tommy Clarkson

Cover image – End of the Day.. Beginning of New Year.


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