Manzanillo’s Hidden Culinary Delights

2010 Food March 2010 Terry Sovil

By Terry Sovil from the March 2010 Edition


A new clean well-lighted place has appeared in Manzanillo. The wait staff is very courteous and the ambience is decidedly more Canadian and USA though the menu is in Spanish. Many have already sampled the wares of this new spot but if you haven’t, it’s well worth the trip.

The concept of a deli is well-served by the “Simplementedeli”, a combination of the Spanish “simplemente” meaning simple and “deli”. We have tried several items from the deli including breakfast pastries, coffee and teas, salads (Chicken Caesar), Banana Cake and most recently a Cranberry Salad, BBQ Pita and the Pink Salmon combination. We also enjoyed a Carmen Merlot from Chili that was served chilled and had a nice taste with light legs.

From a really well-done website you can view their very extensive menu at: Note at the bottom that you can select either English or Spanish upon entering.

You really need to visit their web site, or in person, to appreciate the extensive menu they offer including waffles and smoothies. Portion sizes are generous, especially with salads.

The concept for the deli was born in 2003 by Edgar and Luis Ramos. They lamented the lack of a good deli in Colima and thus Simplemente-deli was born. They quickly rose to the number one deli spot and have opened a second location in Manzanillo.

They are opening two more locations in Guadalajara soon. They are easy to find. Right behind Starbucks, next to the Dairy Queen, snuggled in right next to Office Depot.

They have a lovely outside seating area and the inside is comfortable with nice music. On our recent visit we were hearing artists such as John Mayer and Air Supply at a comfortable volume. They serve a great coffee under a brand name of “Black Coffee” with vacuum sealed bags available for purchase. They also have a good offering of wines including Cabernet, Shiraz, Malbec and Merlot from vintners such as Carmen, BanRock Station, Woodbridge and Fuzion. Enjoy them with a meal or take away.

Their overall goal is to “offer the best service, pleasant surroundings, the finest ingredients and an innovative menu with all the necessary ingredients to satisfy the most demanding palates.”

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