La Piccolo Piazza… a taste of Italy

2011 February 2011 Food Jim Evans

By Jim Evans from the December 2011 Edition

On one of our almost daily trips down the beach for lunch at El Tablao, a delightful experience in itself, Pascal the owner told us about his new restaurant located on the Boulevard De La Madrid… an Italian Restaurant. We immediately agreed to have dinner there the following Friday.

La piccolo Piazza is located between the Bar Felix and Casino Soliel on the Blvd de La Madrid, frente(across from) La Caverna, It features an outdoor deck lighted using overhead strings of small white lights, creating a truly romantic Italian feel… in fact it was difficult for this writer not to imagine he

was actually dining under the stars in a “Restaurante” in Tuscany, Venice or any of the myriad of beach towns along the Mediterranean.. they sampled their selections.

The large inside dining room is tastefully decorated and features two crossed “xistera” or “cesta-punta” (wicker basket gloves) used by Pascal when he was a professional “Pelota Vasca” ( Jai-Alai) player mounted on the wall inside entrance. There is ample seating for large parties, including booths and tastefully decorated tables.

Laura and Pascal, long time Manzanillo restaurateurs, greet customers as if they are family and truly make everyone feel welcome.. both have an ease and style that makes you feel a part of their family… The staff, Pepe, Miguel and Maurice is personable, cordial and very attentive.. English is spoken and the innate Mexican hospitality is ever present.

Piccola Piazza features a full bar of fine wines and other spirits, the menu is varied including a full range of delicious looking and sounding Appetizers, Salads, Main Courses, Fish, Shrimp, Pastas, Pizzas and Calzoni and of course Desserts…

Our first visit we ordered Seafood linguine and lasagna, both were excellent, but it was on our second visit that we encountered a huge surprise. We were treated to the culinary expertise and magic of the Maestro himself… Pascal, the owner and renowned Chef was to prepare our repast…

We decided that the three of us would order different dishes and taste each one; Father Bill settled on “Rosemarino Tenderloin Pork Loin” (Loin of Pork with a tasty Rosemary sauce; $128 psos) while Mike selected “Piccola Piazza Chicken” (Breast of Chicken, filled with pepperoni, mozzarella cheese, served with a vegetable sauce). ($138 pesos); and I opted for the Lasagna ( Filled with beef, tomato & Italian spices.. $110 pesos).

Our food arrived and we set to savouring the various flavours and their respective combinations…

I could go into detail about every delicious bite and morsel, but suffice to say we were sated and quite happy with our choices… each dish received an excellent rating from all three of us. We were also served an excellent aperitif.

I even polled the party of three hungry gentlemen at the next table as to the taste, quality and presentation of their Pizza, rave notices on all three counts.. and they couldn’t finish it all…

Read enough… then go try it …La piccolo Piazza is open every night at 6p.m. you won’t be disappointed…

Manzanillo finally has an excellent Italian Restaurant

Go visit Pascal & Laura, enjoy your evening and say that Manzanillo Sun sent you.


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