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By Suzanne A. Marshall from the October 2017 Edition

“A mother stops at nothing to recover her kidnapped son.”

This is not your typical kidnapping movie involving ransom notes and the police. In this film, a mom is standing nearby on the sidelines of an amusement park to take a cell phone call. In the blink of an eye, her son is gone and the panic ensues. Given the few moments for this caper to take place, she manages to scream and run around and finally spot her son being shoved into a nearby parked car. Close enough to grab the door handle of the kidnappers’ vehicle; she is dragged along for a distance until she falls. In the process, her cell phone and purse are lost as they hit the pavement. Without time to rationalize, she now runs to her minivan and gives chase. She is unable to call the police while in pursuit. She has no choice but to follow them by any means necessary. And so it begins…….

The entire movie is about the chase. We are taken through a series of busy freeways, screaming tires, accidents left behind, smashed up vehicles and evasive moves and plot points that don’t always add up. Still, Halle Berry brings her character as a desperate and emotionally distraught mom to the screen with great fervor. Complete with tears, anger and determination, she miraculously survives an incredible odyssey right to the bitter end. The woman can definitely act. Could a real life person survive all of this? That is the question. But it is fiction, after all, and quite riveting, I must say.

IMDB rating is 6.0/10 based on 12,424 viewers.

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