July 2012

In this issue:


  • Coco Palms – Tommy Clarkson
  • Can an earthquake be predicted – Karen Trom

Living in Manzanillo

  • So you think you have problems?  – Cheryl Weaver
  • My Manzanillo Neighborhood – Suzanne Marshall
  • Godzilla in pictures

Living in Mexico

  • Real in Mexico – Terry Sovil
  • Pets in Cabins – Bonnie Rose
  • A Mexican Maquilladora in the 1980’s – Suzanne Marshall

Letters of the Editor

  • Tropical Weather – Freda Rumford

General Interest

  • Financial Planning – Yann Kostic
  • Manners & Etiquette – Freda Rumford
  • Office Bytes – resizing a photograph – Vivian Molick

Cover image – Fruit Vendor – Steve Carano


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