July 2011

In this issue:

General Interest

  • Letter from the Editor
  • Did you know
  • The “Jetsons” move to Manzanillo – Freda Rumford


  • Be aware – Body Screen – Karen Trom


  • The Streets of Manzanillo – Alvaro Oblegon – Terry Sovil

Living in Manzanillo

  • Manzanillo Perspective – Suzanne Marshall
  • How I came to Manzanillo – David Fritzpatrick
  • This n’ That – Why Manzanillo? – Vivian Molick
  • A Small World – Robert Hill

Living in Mexico

  • The Spanish Helper Part II – Linda Breun


  • Fish Life in Manzanillo – Terry Sovil


  • Hot Tamales! Recipes from the Galley – allrecipes.com
  • The Sun Gourmet visits Los Antonios – Roving Reporter

Cover image – Terry Sovil – Master Diver – Aquatic Sports and Adventures


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