By Patty Clarkson from the May 2010 Edition

Lets chat!!! My name is Somos Dos, and my family is Sue and Doug Ellis
I came into this world in February 2006 with little or no stress, thanks to my ultra creative family and their choice of a class gentleman and efficient architect Mario Garcia.

Sue actually created me on graph paper, to be open, airy with strong colors. Mario expanded on the original concept by adding the details that make me so special.

My location in Las Brisa on the shore, is ideal, because my lady loves to swim! Not only does she do that but both she and Doug play golf and tennis whenever they can. WHEW- I get exhausted just thinking about their fitness schedule.

I do have to share them with their other home in High River, Alberta Canada about 5 months a year. But that’s OK – I know they really care for me, because they have filled me with décor, that Sue and Doug hand picked for me – like these whimsical paper mache pieces of light and fun works of art from the Sermel Gallery in Tonala, that specializes in one-of-a-kind numbered pieces.

I am still a work in progress with much more, high energy art and colors to follow, but my heart and soul and the theme that is central to me, is the stylized couple of Sue and Doug., and therefore my name is SOMOS DOS.

I am perfect for them, because – excuse the bragging – I am done in classic good taste that translates to a casual spacious and comfortable home that is truly a reflection of them…..feisty, eclectic colourful and also enjoyable with lots of personality.

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