At the Movies-Decoding the Weather Machine

2018 May 2018 Suzanne A. Marshall

By Suzanne A. Marshall from the May 2018 Edition

Documentary, Nova, PBS

“Disastrous hurricanes. Widespread droughts and wildfires.

Withering heat. Extreme rainfall. It is hard not to conclude that something’s up with the weather, and many scientists agree. It’ s the result of the weather machine itself our climate changing, becoming hotter and more erratic. In this two-hour documentary, NOVA will cut through the confusion around climate change. Why do scientists overwhelmingly agree that our climate is changing, and that human activity is causing it? How and when will it affect us through the weather we experience?

And what will it take to bend the trajectory of planetary warming toward more benign outcomes? Join scientists around the world on a quest to better understand the workings of the weather and climate machine we call Earth, and discover how we can be resilient even thrive in the face of enormous change.”

I hardly know where to begin with the accolades that this documentary production deserves. Who can ignore the weather events of the past few years around the world and the ridiculous recent winter that North Americans faced on so many levels. Between raging fires, all-consuming flooding and record snowfall; no one should be turning a blind eye to the future of this planet.

This production enlightens us to the causes and ‘mitigations’ that might just save us if we start to pay attention now, and get behind the ways and means to cope with this exceptionally fearsome situation. There seems to be no denying the facts and the specifics of the information and research that is laid out for all of us to conclude. It’s time for action all around the world.

I highly recommend this amazing and educational production. It is enlightening on so many levels and if the ‘lights’ weren’t on already, they’ll be blazing away by the end of those two hours. Take the time to view and share with as many people as you can. Apologies for preaching. I just feel that I’ve learned and confirmed so much. It will be well worth it.

I give this documentary a 10/10 for content, clarity and rationale. The production itself is superior.

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