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Mission Impossible – Fallout

By Suzanne A. Marshall from the October 2018 Edition

Directed by:         Christopher McQuarrie

Starring:              Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Alec Baldwin, 

                        Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg “Ethan Hunt and the IMF team join forces with CIA assassin August Walker to prevent a disaster of epic proportions. Arms dealer John Lark, and a group of terrorists known as the Apostles, plan to use three plutonium cores for a simultaneous nuclear

attack on the Vatican, Jerusalem and Mecca, Saudi Arabia. When the weapons go missing, Ethan and his crew find themselves in a desperate race against time to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands”.

Well, it’s your usual action/thriller adventure on steroids. The plot line twisted and turned every which way to the point where you weren’t sure who the bad guys really were. The movie delivers a tremendous array of special effects and amazing stunts and doesn’t slow down for a moment. When you decide to see a Mission Impossible sequel, you are expecting it to be consistent with past productions. This one certainly delivered that and more.

IMDB rated this movie currently at: 8.2/10. 

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