The Soul of the Gallant Woman

2016 June 2016

By Manzanillo Sun Writer From the June 2016 Edition

The third ring road of Colima is a very important road. It connects Villa de Alvarez to the city of Colima and is well known for the relatively large number of accidents that happen on it. You can count on at least one per week, some with deadly consequences.

It is felt that this is the reason (the hazardous history) that a woman mysteriously appears on the road, distracting drivers. When they attempt to dodge her, they suffer fatal mishaps and many others claim to have run her over.

Many witnesses say that these events are caused by a presence from the great beyond, which appears late at night, around the area of the Ex Hacienda del Carmen. The apparition crosses in front of the car, causing accidents left and right.

It is well known that, in the places where they happen, spirits that died tragic deaths conserve the energies of the people who died there, right in front or near the hacienda. They say some are so overwhelmed, that they wander indefinitely, repeating the death over and over again.

According to statements made by the drivers that have experienced it, they have said that they were certain that they ran over the person with their cars and felt

the bump, but when emergency services looks for the injured person, they cannot even find any traces that someone has been injured outside the vehicle.

They have extended their search to nearby wooded areas, still with no results. So, after so many incidents, it has come to be known as something commonplace and people are not surprised to hear the same story again and again.

Part of the legend says that that area, before it was the ring road, back in the 80s, was a truck stop where for those carrying loads to and from such places as San Antonio, Suchitlan and Comala and that some of the truckers, during the meal and rest stops, were known to frequent the “gallant women” of the area.

During such a visit, the legend states that one such woman was strangled and the body hidden and, thirsty for revenge, she now takes it upon herself to cross in front of cars and cause havoc.

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