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2014 January 2014 Nancy Nystrom

By Manzanillo Sun Writer  from the January 2014 Edition


As we come to the end of this year and look forward to the new year, 2013 seems to have brought many disasters and tragedy all around the world. At times we feel overwhelmed by all the suffering… then I am reminded to look deeper at the sometimes small, but powerful, examples of great compassion and change happening around the world, and I am re-energized with that thought. I hope you will be also.

This past April six very sad, bedraggled, extremely neglected and hungry children walked through the doors of Casa Hogar Los Angelitos. Several of the children were crying, all were afraid, apprehensive and confused. Like all the children who come to the Casa Hogar, these children were received with hugs, food and compassion.

One week later, a family of three were brought in by the social services agency; less than two weeks later, police brought a family of five to our doors in the middle of the night. Over the next three months we received twenty more children in desperate situations, some for temporary care, some to remain permanently. Each frightened and suffering, experiencing the trauma that comes from abuse, abandonment and neglect.

With seventy-five children at that time, our beds were full, but we would not turn away these children. During the following months, Casa Hogar Los Angelitos was a haven and secure place of healing for each of these precious lives.

Ninfa, our social worker, spends a tremendous amount of time working with the courts, social services and police making sure that paper work is completed and each child is protected. Elena, our community public relations representative, works overtime looking for extra donations of food, milk and clothing to meet the expanded needs. The house mothers begin immediately to help each child assimilate into their new home, attending to their medical and physical needs, and our teachers begin tutoring the children so they can enter school as quickly as possible.

2013 found long-time CHLA residents Brenda, Andres and Artemio living their dream as University students through your generous support.

Young people are going from darkness to light because of the hope, opportunities and tools you have helped provide.

We all work together to give the children a place of love and security to help them create a different ending to their story. Our model has a proven record of success!

An investment in developing and educating children and youth is one of the most important investments we can make. It is an investment in the future of our world!

I hope you will include The Children’s Foundation and Casa Hogar Los Angelitos as part of your year-end giving and take advantage of the opportunity to invest in the lives of children through the arms of Casa Hogar Los Angelitos!

This season, on behalf of children everywhere in the world, let us pray for world peace and an end to child abuse.

Nancy Nystrom 2013

At Casa Hogar Los Angelitos, the goal is to RESCUE, HEAL and DEVELOP the whole child.

To truly change a child coming from extreme poverty and trauma, basic needs must be met; emotional and mental health, academic development and abilities, spiritual strength, physical health, and the potential for financial security. The rescue, care and education program at CHLA is unique in the healing and overall development of each child.

EDUCATION fosters self-esteem, self-discipline, and is a bridge out of poverty!

We believe in hope for children, and the success of this program!

The average cost to rescue, care for, and truly change the life of each child is approximately $2700 per year.

The average cost for University education is $700 per student, per month. In 2013-2014 we will be supporting 4 University students.

To expand our current facility and purchase a connecting property, we can increase the number of children we can care for from 75 to 125. The purchase cost is $150,000.

If you believe in what we are doing, partner with us to rescue and change the lives of more children!

Click here if you would like to partner with TCF and CHLA to make a difference in this world and in the lives of children

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