Tatoos ‘n’ Nails

2010 Linda Breun September 2010

By Linda Breun  from the September 2010 Edition

After having had my nails done for many years before moving to Manzanillo from Minnesota, I was not about to give up this luxury just because we had decided to move to Mexico. So I set off in search of the best ‘nail lady’ in Manzanillo. While picking up Chinese food at Fukui I was admiring the owner’s nails and inquired where she had them done. Thus, I found Marisol Govea and have been loyal to her ever since. Besides doing a great job on my nails she is very artistic and can do almost any artwork you ask for, all free hand. I didn’t know what kind of top coat she uses but the color never wears down on the edges of my nails.

It was one day while having my nails done that the subject turned to having eye liner tattooed on my eye lids. With her partner Roberto translating for me I said, “Oh, no! I could never do that. I’m too chicken.” Marisol finished my nails, I scheduled my next appointment, and went on my way. But over the next several months, in the back of my mind I kept thinking about how nice it would be to always have my eyes looking ‘finished’. I very seldom used eye liner because when I tried to put it on it either looked like ric-rac or I would poke myself in the eye. That little voice in the back of my head kept telling me if I had my eye liner tattooed it would always be there.

One day, before I could change my mind, I scheduled the appointment. Finally the day arrived and I was off to get my eye lids tattooed. After showing me that the needle was in a sterile and sealed package, Marisol put an antiseptic cream on my eye lids and waited 35 minutes. This was actually the worst part of the process because I could not open my eyes and I like to watch what is going on around me. The actual tattooing process only took about 20 minutes and hurt no more than a mosquito bite. After a second tattoo session the color is now guaranteed for 4 years. Now, when I look in the mirror, even if I have not applied eye shadow, I look ‘ready to go’
Marisol can be found at Cocoteros 12, B-1, Valle de las Garzas, 314-333 -3602 or cel 044 -314 -106 -1345.

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