2017 At the movies February 2017 Suzanne A. Marshall

By Suzanne A. Marshall from the February 2017 Edition

Starring: Tom Hanks, Aaron Eckhart, Laura Linney
Director: Clint Eastwood

“The story of Chesley Sullenberger, an American pilot who became a hero after landing his damaged plane on the Hudson River in order to save the flight’s passengers and crew .”

I knew I was guaranteed a good movie for two reasons: the director and the cast. It’s very difficult to go wrong with a Clint Eastwood film and the acting talents of Tom Hanks. The movie is billed as a biography. For me that means details and facts as opposed to fictional liberties. I am quite sure there had to be some allowances for improvising that would integrate the basic story with the aviation industry, the passengers and the families involved. Therefore, it was extremely interesting to see the details of the crash play out. Further, we get an inside look at the investigative ‘machinery’ that comes into play when such a dramatic and potentially huge tragedy takes place.

That being said, the skills of the cast and filmmakers gave us a realistic, yet amazing production. The aircraft scenes and the forced landing were extremely well done. This is an excellent movie.

The IMDB rating is 7.5/10 based on about 104,000 viewers.

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