Something to Say – Ethics

2016 Freda Rumford Vickery March 2016

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the March 2016 Edition

I made a startling discovery recently. Looking though the new S.A.I.T. (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology) calendar, trying to find a course that would aid in combating my Killer Computer was a heading that I never expected to see, “MEDIA ETHICS.” Is there really a code of ethics for the media?

I was of the opinion that the old law banning the “Peeping Tom” (enacted in the days of Lady Godiva) was now truly in the past and although I confess in being “entertained” by reports such as “Fergie and her financial advisor,” were not the photographs obtained by the very king of Nosey Parkers? Where were his ethics? Was this a news item of vital importance?

What is the public’s “right to know?” I find it abhorrent that a person (or persons) unknown, has the right to report on any closet skeletons that they can pry out. Where does it end, with a real “Big Brother” ?

Of course we should know if something is happening that will affect our world or environment but was that story, of such a randy pair, really any of our business? The shock waves that emanated around the world concerning the private lives of eminent persons over the past few years have lead for many discussions on where the line should be drawn in the search for “news,” but with no noticeable change.

In Holland, the Dutch Royal’s privacy is protected by law. Perhaps similar laws should be enacted elsewhere. “Newsworthy” people should be able to conduct their lives behind closed doors without worrying if there is a bogeyman in the closet or the bushes.

Is privacy too much to expect in these days of computers and satellite dishes? When a secret kiss at noon c’pan be seen by the entire world at five after.

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