So you bought a tablet- Now What..?

2013 October 2013 Señior Tech

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the October 2013 Edition

The iPad has changed computing for the masses. These 1.5 lb. wonders do almost everything the average person needs to do on a computer. To accomplish these computing chores you will have to acquire some applications (apps). Both Apple and Google have stores that offer useful apps, many free.

I have a number of apps that I find indispensable.

The first one is Flipboard and this app is free. Flipboard is your personal magazine. When you first launch Flipboard simply pick a few topics to start reading everything from sports, to world news, fashion, travel and more. You can also add popular publications like “The New York Times”, “Vanity Fair”, “CNN”, and even your local newspaper. This app is available for all tablets.

Banking apps are free and allow you to pay bills, transfer funds, and check your balances day or night. Some US banks even let their customers take a photo of a cheque and make a deposit online.

All the major networks offer viewing of their current lineup. If you happen to miss an episode of your favourite show, you can watch it on their app. If you have an iPad and Apple TV, you can view the content on your home television. If you subscribe to Netflix you can watch content on your tablet ( great for kids and grandkids ).

Both Apple and Google have productivity apps for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Tablets are a great way to show off the grandkids. Slideshows are easy to setup and if you need to edit the photos, there are numerous photo editing apps available. Many of these apps sell for less than $10.00 and some are free. Many of these apps cost over $50.00 on a PC.

An app that I find fascinating is Night Sky 2. Sorry Android users, this is only available for iOS (IPad). Point the iPad at the sky and the app shows planets, stars, satellites in the sky. Tap on any of the objects and the app gives a description of the star, planet, satellite or constellation. The price for this app, $0.99.

If you are a Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, or Pintrest, or Ebay fan; then get their free apps and communicate. Email is so 1990’s.

If you are musically gifted, there are numerous guitar, piano, and instruments that you can play on your tablet. A $50.00 app turns your tablet into a 48 track recording studio.

There are microphone apps that can record classroom lectures or let you interview your friends and family.

I have subscribed to for over 12 years and for $13.95 a month I can download 2 books per month. My library is now over 400 books and I am able to download and listen to these unabridged books on my tablet.

Tablets can also store and playback your digital music. If you have a computer, you can convert (rip) your cds into mp3, or aac format and transfer to your tablet. By connecting the tablet to speakers you can create a party mix that can last days before you hear a repeat. There are numerous Radio apps; listen to almost any radio station anywhere in the world.

Use the free Skype app to video chat with friends and family across town or anywhere in the world. If they are on Skype, the call is free.

I almost forgot; games. There are thousands of games from strategy to action games. The graphics are great and you can find yourself wasting a lot of time, but the again, what fun!

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