Señora Notsotechie Speaks Out

2014 January 2014 Señior Tech

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the January 2014 Edition

There was a crisis in the family this December. Señior Techs’ father of 85 years passed away on December 21st. In such circumstances living in beautiful Manzanillo can present challenges especially at Christmas time when one must quickly return to Canada.

So this is an opportunity for me to step in for Señior Tech. Now there is a reason that he calls me Senora Notsotechie. I am definitely not nearly as PC literate and I have not made a career out of the computer technology business. Actually, I am the self-appointed psychologist in the family and without me, I fear that Señior Tech could well turn into one of those ‘Wall-E’ people from the movie, where centuries from now, the people are living on a spaceship and have become little floating blobs with stubby arms and legs, due to lack of use (or necessity?). Over the generations they have evolved into new shapes more suitable for life completely managed by computers, robotics, and automation which no longer depends on the ancient human touch. They only need to give voice commands and push the odd button.

I am exaggerating just a bit, but many of those jokes like ‘gluing an IPhone to his forehead ‘so I can pretend he’s talking to me, kind of hits home. The fact is that I’m more familiar with the back of his head or perhaps the top of his head because he spends so many hours with computers or his IPad. OK, OK I understand that it’s all a paradigm shift and this is where the world is going.

But honestly it’s moving faster than the world can safely and securely master in my opinion. I realize that amazing things are happening, science is speeding ahead; communications are faster and broader than I would have ever dreamed of; I can talk on my phone face to face with my family and friends; I’ve learned so much from the

Hubble Telescope about the universe; I watch Canadian television programs in Mexico; I check the weather at home and stay current with the news via technology; and I can work and craft my writing from pretty much anywhere in the world along with the internet to do my research.

Also I am savvy enough to operate PC’s and telephones (sort of). Here I admit I’ve become lazy and since I have a ‘techie’ under my own roof, I just let him run everything I must keep up with my friends. I fear without Señior Tech around I’d be a very frustrated person or, I’d be a very old fashioned gal with very limited communications.

So now I’m going to give all you techies a few tips on how to keep your spouse a bit mellower about all the electronics:

1. Hide the wiring. We hate those balled up messes of ‘spaghetti’ wires ruining our décor and occupying good storage space. They are unsightly and ugly and we can’t clean all the dust balls collecting if we’re actually allowed in the room. (I will be delighted when it’s all wireless but we have a ways to go.)

2. Please take the time to show us how to operate the basics. Look what happened to me. We like our independence and we hate to feel stupid. A little practice would take us all a long way. Maybe one evening a week we could control the remotes so we really learn how and the techies will learn a little patience.

3. If you work from home, set a start and stop schedule. No work after supper. We need some time with you. Otherwise you could turn into one of those ‘Wall-E’ people. Besides, you really need some practice with good old fashioned conversation.

4. Try not to change things around on us. Example: we have three phones here, local Mexico, intercom, and internet phone. For whatever reason, the handsets got changed and I was running around answering the wrong phones because we organized and efficient partners are creatures of habit. We simply juggle too many chores and it’s very dangerous for your health.

5. When you’re doing things together, like yard work, home projects, cleaning the garage etc. etc. get rid of the ear buds. It ruins spontaneity, kills conversation and impromptu thoughts and eventually mutes your partner. You’d be better off with something that you can both listen to and share.

And lastly,

6. Remember that if you’re bringing home the newest ‘must have’ electronic gadgets and such, it’s only fair that there are no complaints when we come home with little items for the house or perhaps our wardrobes.

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