Searching for Sugar Man

2016 At the movies September 2016 Suzanne A. Marshall

By Suzanne A. Marshall from the September 2016 Edition

Featuring: Rodriguez, Stephen ‘Sugar ’ Segerman, Dennis Coffey, Mike Theodore

Director: Malik Bendjelloul

“Two South Africans set out to discover what happened to their unlikely musical hero, the mysterious 1970s rock ‘n’ roller, Rodriquez.”

This is the second time I’ve watched this wonderful film. It is an amazing revelation about an unknown musician who never found fame in America yet influenced a generation and the Apartheid movement of South Africa. The film ex-poses us to the music and lyrics of Rodriquez, a soulful, poignant writer and singer during the 1970s reminiscent, for me, of Bob Dylan.

We are taken on a journey between the two continents. Rodriquez lives in complete obscurity in the USA while his music has found fame and adulation on another continent. The journey unfolds with wonderfully well researched clips and photos of Rodriquez; where he has lived; and many interviews with people who know/knew him and the fans that idolized him.

Is it truly possible that one man can be so unaware of his own fame on another continent? Is it possible that he received no recognition or compensation from producers for all this time?

I highly recommend this film. I was touched by the character of Rodriquez, his music, his integrity and the goodness from which he influenced friends, family and an unknown following. The story completes itself in many wonderful ways and you may just find yourself watching it again sometime. Enjoy!

IMDB gives this film a rating of 8.2/10 based on 48,665

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