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Recycling in Manzanillo

2010 Diana Stevens March 2010

By Diana Stevens from the March 2010 Edition

The wheels of recycling grind slowly but they are headed to Manzanillo. In time the whole fleet will arrive and sooner than you think.

Meanwhile CECATI, the adult education establishment in Salagua which gives people a second chance at Primary and Secondary education and trains students to be chefs or motor mechanics among other trades, is spearheading a drive to heighten awareness but doing this in a very practical way.

Plastics. Plastics mean 1. All soft drink bottles, squashed with their caps screwed back on. (Try squashing a bottle with the cap in place!) 2. Milk, juice, cream and yoghurt cartons (also squashed). 3. The plastic from beer six packs. 4. Transparent plastic fruit and veg. containers. Not included are plastic bags or polystyrene.

Your trophies can be rinsed in normal washing up water but don´t run the tap especially for each bottle. Save these up in a large garbage bag and deliver them when you have two, three or more bagsful (saves gas). They are collected just round the corner to the right inside the school. Park on the street, carry your bags in and wave them at the secretary and she will show you where to put them. Used batteries of all kinds can be put in the large plastic bottle at the entrance to the school just opposite the secretary´s window. These are very dangerous if left lying on the beach or street or are eaten by children or dogs as they leak poison.

Out of date medcines are also collected in a box at the entrance.

All these substances are passed on to proper recycling firms. At the moment the school cannot accept paper or cartons of any sort but they are working on this. Where Turn right one block before the Jardin in Salagua. This is between “Wings Armyy” which has recently sprouted 25 foot palm trees on the left and Pacifo Express, the dry cleaners, on the right. Go four long blocks (count on the left) and CECATI is the large complex on your left on the next corner. It takes up a whole block so you can´t miss it and is well marked.

When From 8.00a.m. to 10.00p.m. weekdays and Saturdays.

Why. You can help make Manzanillo cleaner and tidier, avoid adding to the vast rubbish dump where it all goes at the moment and by setting a good example. So suss it out and spread the word.

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