Mariscos La Swerte

2010 April 2010 Food

By Terry Sovil from the April 2010 Edition

A very small little gem tucked away 1 block off the Blvd in Centro Santiago. They feature Carnes y Mariscos, mixed drinks (pina colada, margaritas, vampiros) plus beer, michiladas and soft drinks.

If you know Martitas, go one more block heading towards Las Hadas/Las Brisas, take a left and walk one short block and there it is. The street is just opposite the edge of the open air market where the taco stands and furniture dealer locate during the week.

There is excellent food and good prices. I’m a shimp fan and though I’ve tried the beef (excellent, in BBQ, ribs, burgers) I usually end up ordering shrimp (Diablo – hot or Ajo – garlic). I’m not sure what goes into their rice but their rice is excellent. I suspect it could have some saffron in it but it sure is tasty. The service is good and friendly and I’ve enjoyed the music in the background on visits.

The place is small with a minimal number of tables and a nice old fashioned counter with stools that is great to sit at for a mid-afternoon beer or pina colada. The walls are adorned with various stuffed sea creatures to hold your attention while they prepare your dinner. If you look kitty korner from the restaurant you’ll see a funeral home and next door is a bakery. The bakery has no sign but if you are there later in the day you’ll find a huge selection of fresh-baked treats. The bakery is an easy stop after dinner to take some things home.

La Suerte, “Good Luck”, is a must try.

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