Manzanillo’s Hidden Culinary Delights

2010 Food November 2010 Terry Sovil

By Terry Sovil from the November 2010 Edition


Andrés isn’t exactly hidden. It has been a favorite spot for many diners. There was a recent change in and “The Ranch” is open again. I had the distinct pleasure of dining there during their first week’s opening. Their grounds are beautiful.

While we were entering a very friendly gentleman named Pablo greeted us and showed us around. He pointed out the children’s play area with swings, slides and climbing areas. He pointed out a large tree across the yard with a concrete bench beneath it. This tree grows a little fruit that attracts HUGE green iguanas. We walked over and saw them.

Pablo grabbed a big handful of tortillas and “called” the birds (a huge flock of geese and two turkeys) to dinner. Four peacocks eventually showed up as well. It was awesome to watch the birds hear the call and respond like hungry dogs. The Turkeys were first followed by the geese squawking, alternately flying and waddling to cover the distance. It was awesome to watch these birds come to dinner. A must see if you get the chance.

We ordered basic menu options, no appetizers, salads or dessert, just entrees and beers. I had one of the specialties of the house, the Chamorro (pork leg) with beans and rice. It was delicious! My co- diner had a rib eye done medium rare; it came with a dark pepper sauce that was especially good, baked potato and grilled vegetables. All their beef is imported from the USA. They made flour tortillas to order. Chips and salsas were served with a great pico de gallo and a mild green pepper salsa. They also served a House Salsa that came in a stone mortar with pestle. Inside was some salt, seasoning, a fresh, warm tomato and a pepper. Our server asked if we wanted it hot and if you decline he won’t crush the pepper, just the tomato. This was warm and one of the nicer salsas I’ve had and something I’ve never seen here before. Cost was $ 302 pesos including 4 beers and we were stuffed!

I’m sure many of you know more details than I do but from what I gathered there were original owners who built a fantastic reputation on service and quality followed by renters that didn’t. The current owners seem genuinely dedicated to quality and service and we were asked to specifically provide any “negative” comments we had, to
Pablo. We really didn’t have any! It was a great dining

Pablo mentioned the Sunday brunch and our server, Raoul, gave us a flyer when we left. It is for the whole family,. Eggs,traditional buffet cereals, hot cakes, chilaquiles, menudo and various dishes for $ 85.00 pesos per person.Sunday from 8:00am to 2:00pm Call reservations 314 334-6667. Currently open daily but they may close Mondays and Tuesdays so best to call to make sure.

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