Manzanillo Sun August 2012 cover

January 2015

2015 January 2015


In this issue:


  • Planting Roots in Mexico – Baby Sun Rose – Tommy Clarkson
  • Boston Fern – Tommy Clarkson
  • The Whale – Dave Boroughs

Living in Mexico

  • Cafe Review – La Brasserie/La Porroquia – Allan Yanitski
  • A Journey to San Miguel De Allende – Suzanne A. Marshall
  • Considering a Trip to San Miguel De Allende – Suzanne A. Marshall
  • When Fantasy becomes Reality – John Chalmers
  • Travel Part 2 – Terry Sovil
  • Here’s to Mexico – Kirby Vickery


  • What’s that I hear from Yon Window? – Señior Tech

Cover image – Young Gray Whale at Play – Sr. Dave Boroughs


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