How much computer power do you need?

2015 August 2015 Señior Tech Technology

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the August 2015 Edition

This is a question you might consider before you buy another computer. Most people use their computers to check email, their Facebook account, search the web, and watch videos on YouTube.

If this describes you, you probably would be quite happy buying a Tablet like an iPad or Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, which are the two main contenders. These computers weigh less than a pound and can easily fit into a small case for travel.

Tablets are available in 2 sizes, 7” and 10”. The only other major considerations are amount of storage memory and cellular data. I recommend that you purchase as much storage as you can afford. The cellular data models allow you to purchase mobile Internet data, so you can surf the Internet anywhere. The cellular models allow GPS capabilities.

Microsoft has released their Office software for the iPad so if you have ties to the corporate world, you can read, write and edit these documents on your tablet. If you connect to a Bluetooth keyboard, you can input text and numbers as on a conventional computer.

Samsung tablets for now have to use apps that work with Microsoft Office.

Tablets have built in cameras. There are numerous apps available that will allow the user to make movies or slideshows with music and transitions.

If you have a Skype account, you can use the tablet as a speakerphone with the front facing camera.

Tablets are easy to use, and the screens are touch capable. You can control the device by touching different areas of the screen. I sometimes forget when I work on my computer and wonder why things don’t happen when I touch the screen.

Tablets range in price from just over $250.00 to $900.00 depending on memory, size and whether you need a cellular data radio.

Unless you need a device to create content, I strongly recommend that you consider a tablet. They are lightweight, go for 10 hours between battery charges, easy to carry, and are easy to learn and use. If you have grandkids, they will teach you how to use them.

By Señior Tech

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