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2012 Health Karen Trom March 2012

By Karen Trom from the March 2012 Edition

Change your CHOICES, Change your LIFE

We just returned home to Wisconsin after spending two months in Manzanillo. We really didn’t want to leave the sunshine and warm weather, but I really didn’t want to push my boss to let me stay away any longer. Let’s hope we can stay longer next year.

I have lots of random thoughts this month, most having to do with health and fitness, some are just things I observed during our time in Mexico.

  • We did not have a car and depended on our feet, the bus, taxis, and some really nice neighbors to get us around town. In Wisconsin, we spend about $350 a month for gas in two cars, that’s a whole lot of bus fare! Not only does it save money, walking is a great form of exercise. If your trip is less than 2 miles- walk.


  • Speaking of exercise, paddle boarding is not as difficult as you would think. This is a great total body workout and lots of fun, I highly recommend it.


  • My hair grows faster in Mexico. According to researchers, hair may grow only 0.05 inches more in warmer weather-a rather insignificant amount but it sure seems like a lot! It is believed that this small amount of extra growth is due to hormonal changes that come with more physical activity.


  • My fingernails grow faster and don’t break when I’m in Mexico. Furnace air wreaks havoc on my skin and nails so be thankful for humidity.

Remember this in August!

  • Speaking of nails, everyone should treat themselves to a pedicure now and then. Not only does it feel great, your feet and nails say a lot about your overall health so give them some attention.


  • Ceiling fans do not cool the room; they cool the people in the room. It is a waste of energy to have a fan on in unoccupied rooms so turn it off when you leave. This was a big dispute at our house but some internet searching proved that I was correct. Of course.


  • I just paid $4.99 for a pineapple and $4.29 for a pound of strawberries at our local supermarket. Produce is fresh, plentiful, and inexpensive in Mexico so eat lots of it.


  • I was pleasantly surprised to find almond milk was readily available. Why drink almond milk? It is very low in saturated fat and cholesterol. It is also a very good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Calcium. Almond milk also has fewer calories than cow’s milk and is great for people who are lactose intolerant. Start by using it on cereal or adding to coffee and work up to drinking it by the glass.


  • Coconut water is like natural Gatorade after a workout. Like Gatorade, it contains water, simple carbohydrates (or, sugar), and electrolytes (or, minerals). However, Gatorade and other sports drinks are made with refined sugar, artificial flavors, and food coloring. Coconut milk also has more potassium than a banana and helps with kidney function and promotes heart health. The best part? The wonderful vendor who was waiting for me with a bag of water when I finished my run! I certainly don’t have that in Wisconsin.


  • Pets are good for you. I rescued a starving kitten on the first day of our stay and he was so much fun. I was fortunate to find him a great home in Manzanillo as my three cats in Wisconsin would not have welcomed him. There are lots of cats and dogs who would love to keep you entertained and healthy. Just be prepared to leave a bit of your heart behind if you don’t live in Manzanillo year around.


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