2021 Dana Parkinson May 2021

By Dana Parkinson on the May 2021 Edition

Here we are at a new milestone in the history of the Manzanillo Sun. I took over the magazine in 2016 after Freda Rumford and Ian Rumford had created this community and publication back in 2009. Big shoes to fill, indeed!

Since 2016, it has been my great pleasure to get to know many wonderful readers, editors, authors and photographers, poets, local businesspeople and all of you who are making a difference in local charity efforts by organizing campaigns, contributing time and donations and working to bring meaningful improvements.

This monthly magazine has become a family effort, for sure, with my husband, Ken Waldie and my parents, Hugh (El Gordo) and Gail Parkinson proofreading and copy editing. We have all enjoyed our own tours and fact-finding missions along the way. I owe much gratitude to them.

What’s next for the Manzanillo Sun? Surely, a pause, as inspiration and adventures have been harder to come by in recent months. After that? Authors may continue to publish articles on the web site to be sent to readers in a monthly digest format when there are stories or photo galleries to share. We may take on events or tours, perhaps an annual edition in high season. We will let you know where innovation and inspiration take us.

Some other dates and milestones of note that have led us to be a part of the Manzanillo community I share with you here.

  • Over 20 years of living in Mexico (mainly Puebla city and Manzanillo)


  • It was 34 years ago when I visited Mexico for the first time and the destination was Santiago, Manzanillo where I enjoyed a $1 meal at Juanitos and a long journey to Manzanillo Centro which seemed far away back then. The plaza was still standing in Santiago. There was so much to see and do on that trip! I knew I’d be in Mexico for good some day.


We look forward to resuming travel around Manzanillo and plan to take the advice of Dan and Lisa Goy Baja Amigos and see that beautiful part of the country as well as making plans to visit towns in the centre of Mexico, from Cholula and Taxco to Querétaro and San Miguel de Allende. We are also looking forward to visiting our favourite local businesses, touring Ola Brisa Gardens and other local attractions and enjoying restaurants again soon. We will continue to encourage the efforts of our local charities and hope to have inspired others to do the same.

For now, as we bid a fond farewell to the monthly format, with enormous thanks to all our editors, contributors from over the many years and to our wonderful community of readers, I leave you with a couple of my favourite photos from that trip in 1987 where my love for Manzanillo and Mexico started.

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