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El Avuelo –Flight

2013 At the movies Living in Mexico March 2013 Suzanne A. Marshall

By Suzanne A. Marshall from the March 2013 Edition

(Cinepolis Manzanillo)

We admit to our shameless love of the cinema. Although we can wait and see most of the movies via video distribution in the comfort of our own home, there’s just nothing like the big screen, big sound and the smell of popcorn. And as I said before, it’s like a good old fashioned ‘date’. Remember those special times of our youth anyone? I can remember so far back that people were still smoking in the theatres. They eventually made them all sit in the back rows or up in the balcony making it really awful for the non-smoking ‘neckers’ who wanted to be out of sight!! Oh boy, have things changed.

This time we took advantage of a movie in Guadalajara while touring Tonala, Tlaquepaque and the Lake Chapala area. First let me say the theatre was top notch again in a Cinepolis facility with comfortable seating and superb cleanliness. But to our astonishment and delight they offered seat selection so you could buy early and get a good seat without having to hang around for rush seating. How civilized can it get?

We chose to see El Avuelo (flight) with Spanish subtitles because of Denzel Washington and the interesting promotions. So while we expected to see great acting and action, we were pleased to find that it involved so much more. This is a movie about the human condition, our fragility and often our denial. There is no denying though that the scenes involving the emergency landing of the aircraft are heart stopping. The movie whizzed by in 2hours and 19 minutes. When we left the theatre we both felt that we had gotten so much more than expected and were truly impressed with the entire production. Be aware that there is some full frontal nudity in the early scenes so decide accordingly.

Directed by Robert Zemeckis (Cast Away, What Lies Beneath), Denzel Washington is nominated for an Academy Award for his portrayal and Best Original Screenplay for John Gatins. I have to say that the performances by Kelly Reilly as ‘Nicole’ and John Goodman as a friend and drug dealer are also outstanding.

This film has received thus far an IMDB rating of 7.3 out of 10 based on the viewings of 70,000 voters. I would easily give it an 8+.

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