Manzanillo Sun December 2011 cover

November 2013

In this issue: General Interest The Art of Becoming a Gypsy -Freda Rumford Suddenly Retired – Suzanne A. Marshall Viveros of Colima – Tommy Clarkson Nature Starfruit – Tommy Clarkson Triangle Palm – Tommy Clarkson Living in Manzanillo At the Movie’s – Gravity – Suzanne A. Marshall Tweet, Tweet, Tweet  – Señior Tech Calendar of […]

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By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the November 2013 Edition (pronounced ‘Meek-teka-see-wahdl’or ‘Meek-teka-kee-wadl’) This Aztec Goddess is known as “the Lady of the Dead” or the Queen of “Mictlan”. She was the caretaker of the bones of the dead. The holiday to celebrate the Goddess by the pre-Hispanic peoples of the land now known as Mexico, lasted […]

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By Suzanne A. Marshall from the November 2013 Edition Directed By: Alfonso Cuaron Starring: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney I saw this movie in the ultimate theatre, IMAX 3D, so it was really in my ‘face’ as I floated in space with the cast and saw the universe and earth from a most magnificent perspective. That alone is […]

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Selected Viveros of Colima

By Tommy Clarkson from the November 2013 Edition (Many who visit Ola Brisa Gardens have commented that they would enjoy seeing the more “non-touristy” side of Mexico. With that in mind “Sight and Sites” was created. To learn more about these fun – and very unique – eco/adventure trips please visit If you’re the sort who […]

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Manzanillo Sun article

Suddenly Retired

By Suzanne A. Marshall from the November 2013 Edition Four years ago I finally decided that if I didn’t stop working soon I would be shortening my life. Phantom chest pains, insomnia, adrenal fatigue were all taking their toll. It didn’t help that I was a certified and diagnosed ‘over achiever’. At the time I thought that […]

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