Casa Talk

2010 July 2010 Patty Clarkson

By Patty Clarkson from the July 2010 Edition

“I sit high on a hill that both captures the beauty of a never ending display of wondrous beauty of the Pacific Ocean over which extraordinary sunsets can be seen all during the year but I also enjoy a bird’s eye view of Playa Audiencia.”

“My family retired here – as we say – bag and baggage five years ago. The quieter of the two, Steven was a Commercial Real Estate Attorney and the ever smiling, Craig was an Interior Designer and at one time owned a gift shop near Gate #4 of the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.

“They originally bought a condominium in Rivera Mar before beginning my construction about a year ago. I was designed by architect, Mario Garcia Ruiz and my builder was Eduardo Zamora and the master craftsman, our carpenter Sam Wasser.

With the guidance from Steven and Craig I was given all of the finite touches that make me the home that encompasses all of their dreams, including cooling breezes in the entire casa, a superb kitchen for Craig’s passion for cooking to the laundry room with an awesome view that Steven insisted on having built in me.”

“Steven and Craig topped me off with wonderful, warm colors of fuchsia and daffodil yellow, the ONLY yellow that Steven didn’t have painted in patches all over my body. No kidding – there were scores samples of yellow paint decorating me for a time and yet when Eduardo finally said….”pick now” – Steven selected Daffodil Yellow that had never been near me.”

But it is perfect, especially when the late evening sun strikes my walls. I am very pleased with my final look and feel!”

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