Casa Talk- The Homes of Manzanillo

By Patty Clarkson from the April 2010 Edition

Let’s Chat….. Welcome! Let me introduce you to Philip and Sharon Chandler, Duke and Kai. Duke ~ A Giant Schnauzer and Kai ~ A Chinese Shar-Pei (or as Philip affectingly calls him ~ “Bucket Head”)…

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 casa talk-1“Originally designed and built by the Architect, Joaquin Torres. I now am a reflection of their exquisite taste from the many elegantly appointed rooms… to the brilliant colors that complement my tranquil outdoor magnificence that makes people feel instantly at home.”

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“Add to my décor this beauty, a baby grand piano, crafted 100 years ago from Burr Walnut – and Sharon definitely knows how to “tickle the keys.”

“But the greatest beauty that I possess can be found in the hearts and souls of these two generous and caring people. I can certainly tell you that the Manzanillo area has benefited in so many ways since they moved here from Essex, England three years ago.”

“Philip retired from his family businesses of restaurants, night clubs and the largest Greyhound Racing Stadium in England – founded by his Grandfather in 1933 – and his private business of betting lounges.”

“It was in one of these lounges, on Grand National Day, that he met Sharon for the first time 31 years ago and she is, as Philip says ….. ‘The biggest winner I could have ever backed’.” “Sharon retired from the world of fashion. She modeled for the renowned clothing retailer, Marks & Spencer for a number of years. Sharon may have “retired” from professional modeling but for those who know her it is readily apparent that she did not leave her style and grace in England.

“Both are deeply involved with Silvia in rescuing injured or neglected dogs that would otherwise be living miserable lives… if they survived. They donate time, energy and money to mankind as well through their work with Asilo de Ancianos de Manzanillo the home for the elderly.”

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“And, of course, there is Katrina, the horse they found in December 2008. This incredible story underlines not only caring but the long term commitment of, I am proud to say, my owners. When they found Katrina she had been bitten by a snake and the owner had simply left her penned up with no food or water. The Chandlers contacted Dr .Rueben, a veterinarian from Guadalajara, and with his help she was transported to his animal hospital and received an operation, medications and care that saved her life. There she spent the next year convalescing. Many times during that year, Philip and Sharon would make the drive to Guadalajara to spend an hour or so with Katrina. But more than just feeding her carrots and apples they gave her love, encouragement and support. They would then come home to me in La Punta.”casa talk-3

“I am delighted to report that Katrina now has a wonderful home with a family whose two daughters who dolt on her and there is a gelding in residence as well. Beyond that Dr.Rueben volunteered to breed, the now four year old Katrina with a stallion.”

“From hors d’oeuvres and scrumptious dinners that Sharon loves to prepare to all of the animals and people that they have helped and saved, my Chandlers are a beautiful couple to their very core.”

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