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2018 At the movies Entertainment March 2018 Suzanne A. Marshall

By Suzanne A. Marshall from the March 2018 Edition

Starring: Hugh Jackman, Zack Efron, Michelle Williams,
Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya
Director: Michael Gracey

The Greatest Showman is a musical drama inspired by the reputedly true story of P.T. Barnum, said to have given birth to the art of live show business. The movie’s theme song ‘This is for me’ won the Golden Globe award for the best original song. It was also nominated for best motion picture, musical or comedy as well as best actor.

If you are a fan of musicals and show business you will really enjoy this production. The music and lyrics are wonderful, as is Hugh Jackman as an actor and singer. The story tells of an impoverished young man with big dreams who marries his child-hood sweetheart. He initially launches into fulfilling his dreams with a popular wax museum of oddities. Following a drastic fire that destroys the venue, he soon transforms his dreams and imagination into live performances featuring the unique, extraordinary and peculiar acts by performers who help to bring the shows into great worldwide successes and make P.T. Barnum very wealthy.

IMDB rating is 8/10 based on 49,000 viewer votes


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