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Ancient Aztec Celebration of the Aztec New Year

2014 Kirby Vickery Living in Mexico March 2014

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the March 2014 Edition

The Aztec New Year arrives in Springtime rather than the beginning of the Western Year and is determined each year by the ancient Aztec calendar. Generally, the New Year occurs at sunrise somewhere around the 12th March and is celebrated in outlying Nahuatl villages. At that time pine candles (ocote) are lit along with fireworks, accompanied by drums and the singing of songs in the Nahual language. This year there will be traditional Nahuatl festivities celebrated at the Cruise Terminal, downtown Manzanillo with traditional dancing by the young people of San Pedrito

Planned is a delicious pre-Hispanic four course menu with nonalcoholic beverages plus a spectacular show of the dances and rituals corresponding to each month of the year as depicted by all of the 18 month symbols of the Aztec Calendar.

Become acquainted with the ancient culture, the significance and importance of the Aztec Calendar in both a cultural and a social happy event.

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