50 Shades of Grey – A trilogy

2014 Book Review Entertainment Freda Rumford Vickery January 2014

By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the January 2014 Edition

E.L. James

These books were all of the rage last year and many people were agog at the content. I was advised absolutely that I must read it. The ladies of a wedding shower that I attended were totally emphatic on that. I finally bought my editions one by one at Costco where the books were decidedly cheaper than elsewhere.

The story is on a subject basically unheard of usually. In years gone by, “Lady Chatterly’s lover” by D.H. Lawrence was considered pornography and banned for many years. (I did, in fact, read that book when it was first deemed acceptable and wondered what all of the fuss was about. ) This book concerned a very different view of sex from anything I had previously read or knew of. It is concerned with ‘S & M’ (Sadomasochism) which concerns the sex with one partner deliberately hurting the other usually with their permission.

The male in the story, Christian Grey, a billionaire who needs sex frequently, for some obscure reason cannot enjoy sex unless the woman is tied up and then possibly whipped or beaten. The young woman he has currently in his clutches, Anastasia Steele, has simply taken the place of a friend unable to meet with the previously unknown Mr. Grey at this time. To her shock she is introduced to a room full of equipment used for flagellation and other forms of torture and refuses to comply, After being plied with wine, she eventually agrees to his suggestions and the decidedly kinky games begin. This young woman is a beautiful, virginal, university, student and this virginity is most rudely taken.

For some reason, obscurely and insufficiently explained for me, she falls in love with Christian Grey but manages to persuade him to behave more normally in his sexual behaviors. Eventually he agrees to this and they become husband and wife after a brief separation when he realizes he cannot live without her.

This has now taken us through two of the books and I had just started the third, when I decided that I was totally bored with the whole scenario, I did not find it titillating to any degree, not very well written and I have put the third book on one side until such time when I have nothing else to do or read.

I have been told that the third book is the best of all but I am not able to pick it up at this time.

There is now to be a film made about these books as well as countless similar stories appearing on the market. This is most definitely not on my “need to see” list.

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