The Joys of Beachside Living

2019 March 2019 Señior Tech Technology

By Señior Tech from the March 2019 Edition

We enjoy numerous advantages living on the beach. There is tranquillity watching the birds dive into the ocean to catch a meal and also to listen to the waves lap up on the sand. It is handy to walk out our gate to casually stroll up and down the sandy beach. A gentle breeze from the ocean cools our living space.

This breeze, however, has a negative effect which is corrosion, specifically, to electrical and electronic devices. This includes computers, televisions, microwaves, modems, satellite boxes and any other assorted, handy items. Since September, we have lost a television and 2 computers to corrosion. In December, both of my 2 computers have stopped working. This is one reason why I have not written articles for the January and February issues.

When I return to Canada in the spring, I will have Apple esti-mate the costs to repair the two computers. They do not charge for this service. There is a company called iStore (not Apple) in Colima and Guadalajara. This company charges to provide an estimate. Two of my friends were charged a fee even though iStore wasn’t able to repair their computers.

In the interim, I have purchased an iMac which will allow me to edit my photos and develop databases.So now you have heard my story of woe. What can be done to minimize the corrosive effects? When returning home after your stay in the Manzanillo area:

✓Unplug all electronic and electrical devices
✓Wrap them in protective garb (dry beach towels work fine)
✓Store them in a dry environment within the house or condo
✓If you have access to gel packs for moisture absorption, place them within the wrap.

If you are able to follow the above steps, your equipment will function and provide service a lot longer than if you do not.

We were fortunate that our first television lasted 8 years. I have heard a number of friends complain that they replace televisions every 1 –2 years. They never followed the method above.

Another tip, not dealing with electronics, is to coat metal surfaces with Vaseline. This will help slow the effects of the sea air. Cabinet door pulls and door knobs will look good a lot longer.If you have questions or suggestions about technology topics or issues, email me at

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