2013 At the movies Entertainment May 2013 Suzanne A. Marshall

By Suzanne A Marshall from the May 2013 Edition

Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Chiklis,Nick Nolte

When you decide to see a Jason Statham movie you generally know the genre of the film. It’s an action packed crime story with ‘heart’. As usual this movie is done very well, has lots of special effects, crash scenes, car chases, nasty criminals, sex appeal and even a few chuckles.

Jason Statham does his tough but sensitive thing and Jennifer Lopez is surprisingly believable as a real estate agent desperate for a big sale having been financially ruined by divorce.

Having seen the original series of ‘Transporter’ movies it seems that Statham is making a career out of the strong, silent and tough character that for me is akin to the early

Clint Eastwood Italian westerns. He doesn’t have a lot to say and his intentions are often played out through close ups and eyes that emote his message. He does it very well, and if you are looking for a ‘caper’ kind of movie, fast paced and leaving a trail of dead bodies, this movie may well be for you.

Parker is undeniably charming, and by the end of the movie it is amazing how a couple of criminals end up being the ‘ good’ guys in spite of the fact that they are murdering thieves!!!

IMDb gives this movie a rating of 6.3/100 based on over 8000 votes. I agree. It is directed by Taylor Hackford.

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