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2014 January 2014 Living in Mexico Suzanne A. Marshall

By Suzanne A. Marshall  from the January 2014 Edition

In Manzanillo there exists a really wonderful group of people called ‘Manzamigos’. For a token annual fee, the group is pretty much open to anyone living in Manzanillo but it serves to bring many permanent and semi-permanent people from outside Mexico largely (but not exclusively) from the USA and Canada. Every week there is an opportunity to meet for Thirsty Thursdays in various locations for cocktails, socialization and dinner. There you can meet the loveliest people and develop a network of friends. There is also an exchange of information on current events, news and local activities.

In response to a member survey last fall, Manzamigos has begun to coordinate with the help of various members, some local tours of business establishments and sights of interest in the area. There are a number of tours in ‘the works’. In November I took part in a tour of L’Arte del Gelato.

Truthfully, most of us think we know what gelato is. But this two hour tour of the main production facility in Plaza San Pedrito beside the Zar Hotel demonstrated the care and detail that are part of producing a really great product. And the sampling of many delicious flavors was a real bonus too.

Rosamelia Garcia, Director General L’Arte del Gelato

 Meet Rosamelia Garcia, Director General and owner of L’Arte del Gelato. Rosa is an outgoing and animated personality, adding great fun to viewing and hearing about what it really takes to create a product she is very proud of. From the additional power requirements to support production, including a water purification system and processing equipment to well trained staff, Rosa explained how all of the equipment and the ingredients for making the Gelato are imported to Manzanillo from Italy.

But if you are paying attention to what you are consuming as many of us do these days, the best news is how healthy this delicious treat really is. Comparing an equal serving of regular ice cream to this Gelato, your calorie intake is  chopped in half! Watching the fat? This Gelato is 4-6% natural fat, while ice cream is between 18 – 22% fat. And having personally tasted almost every single flavor in the cooler my opinion is that there is simply no contest. (And of course I’ve calculated that I can eat twice as much!)

L’Arte del Gelato has four locations in Manzanillo:

1.- Plaza San Pedrito (next to the Hotel Zar) 2.- Plaza Las Palmas (next to Wing’s Army)
3.- Marina de Las Hadas (by the Hotel Las Hadas)

4.- La Audiencia (next to Kali Spa, in front of the Golf Course)

Thanks for a great tour Rosamelia!

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