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2011 February 2011 Linda Breun

By Linda Breun from the February 2011 Edition

PERFECT MEAT New meat market on the Boulevard across from Sorian.

Rib Eye, New York, Top Sirloin, Short Ribs, Flap Meat/ Filet de Cabrería, Cowboy, Arrachera/ Chuck Roll, Hamburger, T-Bone, Chistorra, Chorizo Azteca Phone:314-333- 8162


Many will remember the popular bar and restaurant “Jalapeños” on the Blvd, owned and operated by Carlos and Pepé Rojo, which closed about 6 years ago when they lost their lease. Carlos and Pepé are now back in the restaurant business, having taken over the bar and restaurant at the Hotel Tenisol, in Club Santiago. In addition to the same menu of Mexican and seafood dishes they offered at Jalapeños, they will also be open for breakfast, along with lunch and dinner. Plus, they have hired a Chinese chef and will soon be serving a full menu of Chinese dishes, including takeout. The restaurant is located behind the hotel in a beautiful, poolside tropical setting, with dining on both the upper and lower levels. The separate bar is poolside with swim-up service, if you care to cool off. Easiest to enter off the side street, behind the hotel.


Alma and Miguel (el Calvo) Garcia, have started a new enterprise. Over the years they were personal cooks and are now preparing a short menu for take home orders. They are very highly recommended for quality, freshness and cleanliness. It has been suggested that you take your own containers so as not to have to return theirs.

Alma speaks no English but understands it, Miguel is very able to do so.

Please phone your order in at least 2 days ahead. Phone:314-334-7784

MENU : Pozole de Cerdo 50 pesos per litre (2 servings) (Saturdays only), Chiles Rellonos de Queso (Cheese) or Chiles Rellonos de Carne (Meat)50 pesos each, Ceviche de Cameron 350 pesos kg. Ceviche de Pescado Molida (ground) 250 pesos kg, Cevishe de Pescado Picado (pieces) 250 pesos kg

ART GALLERY Opposite Juanito’s Restaurant.


“La Bamba” in front of Hotel Torre Victoria (up from Juanito’s)

New Bar in building process, just up from CFE building on Ave. Mexico.

NOTARIO #4 Has moved opposite Comercial Mexicana into Hotel Plaza Manzanillo


Available in Comercial Mexicana as well as Bahia Deli, Chocolate Tequila. (Yummy!!!)

Walmart – Stove Top stuffing, Knorr seasoning cubes (Onion, Garlic, Chipotle), Kraft’s Mac & Cheese, canned whole tomatoes CIRIO, Heinz gravies, Tapioca, Tofu, Potato Buds by Betty Crocker.

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