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Spending Money to Save Time May Make Us Happier

By Yann Kostic and Tom Zachystal from the December 2017 Edition As free time shrinks, along with our tolerance for time-consuming, unpleasant household tasks, one recent study may have an answer: buy back your time. Results of the study appeared recently in PNAS, a scientific journal devoted to “cutting-edge” research. It was a collaborative effort […]

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How to Find a Financial Advisor Who (Really) Meets Your Needs

By Yann Kostic and Tom Zachystal from the August 2017 Edition Many, if not most, investors do not have the expertise to make all their own investment decisions, and therefore would want to consider talking to a reliable financial advisor. While nothing can guarantee a financial advisor’s reliability, there are some things you can look for. […]

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Small-Cap Stocks: Are They Right for You, Right Now?

By Yann Kostic and Tom Zachystal from the July 2017 Edition Small-cap stocks appeal to some investors because of their potential for strong growth. But are you in the right position to invest in them? What are small-cap stocks? The market capitalization of a company is its stock price times the number of shares it […]

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