Manzanillo Sun July 2011 cover

March 2013

In this issue: Nature Fooxtail Palm – Tommy Clarkson Flora Exotica – Freda Rumford Humor We’ve all met’em XII – Tommy Clarkson History Mexico’s People – Aztecs – Kirby Vickery Living in Mexico and Manzanillo Carnaval – Terry Sovil Happiness – Suzanne A. Marshall Night at the movies -Suzanne A. Marshall Living in Latin America […]

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Manzanillo Sun June 2011 cover

February 2013

In this issue: Nature Swamp Lily – Tommy Clarkson Tiny and Amazing – Suzanne A. Marshall Entertainment The Life of Pi – Suzanne A. Marshall Living in Manzanillo Acclimating to the heat – Suzanne A. Marshall Experience of Mexico – Freda Rumford Humor We’ve all met’em  – Tommy Clarkson Our twisting way of talking – […]

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January 2013

In this issue: Living in Mexico Grocery Gamut – Suzanne A. Marshall Snippets Green Flash Reflections – Freda Rumford A Christmas Story – Kirby Vickery Healthy Habits – Karen Trom Children Christmas Parties – Terry Sovil Gauchos Restaurant – Terry Sovil Humor We all have Met’am – Tommy Clarkson Twisted way we Gringos Speak – […]

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