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We all have met ‘em. . .

  By Tommy Clarkson from the June 2014 Edition (Most everyone knows someone like this. He is the individual who has done it all. Everything you’ve experienced, he’s done better. Recently while flying home, trapped at an altitude of 39,000 feet, one such individual sat next to me. The following is a continuation of this, seemingly, unending experience.) “You […]

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  By Manzanillo Sun Writer from the June 2014 Edition CONDIMENTS                     CONDIMENTOS   English                                              Español Honey                                                  Miel de Abeja Jam                                                     Merme ada de ****** Jelly                                                    Jalea Kitchen Bouquet                                  Salsa de Carne Mayonnaise                                         Mayonesa Mustard                                              Mostaz Dijon Mustard                                      Mostaza Dijon Red Chile Sauce                                  Salsa de chile colorado Green Chile Sauce                               Salsa de chile verde Hot                                                     Caliente/ Picante […]

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