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Bienvenido to Manzanillo, Colima, Mexico    (Manzanillo Tourism)                        

Manzanillo tourism

Manzanillo, an overview

Manzanillo lies on the Pacific coast, about two thirds of the way south down the long coastline of Mexico. A natural harbour, it has become the largest container port on Mexico's Pacific seaboard and is rapidly becoming a well known tourist destination.

The Port of Manzanillo has been developed over the past few years to become a vital part of the economy of the State of Colima and the main industrial thrust from local governments emphasizes the importance of this vital industry to the whole of Mexico. Transport from the City for both arriving & departing cargo is easily handled by excellent highways through to Guadalajara & the north, although there is no rail link to either Colima or Guadalajara currently.      (continued...)

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"Playa de Oro
International Airport"

Situated 9 meters above sea level, 19 degrees latitude North, 08'41 Longitude East  104 degrees 33'31

The Playa de Oro International Airport (ZLO) is a small airport located about 35 minutes north of Manzanillo along Highway 200. Ground transportation is limited to taxis and car rentals. It has daily domestic and international flights and has recently been remodeled.

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The Port

Busiest port in Mexico

Manzanillo is Mexico's busiest port, as measured by total tonnage and volume of containerized cargo. In 2007, the port moved 1.4 million TEUs and 18.0 million tons of total cargo Port business experienced a significant surge during the USA's West Coast Lockout in Long Beach, California, in 2002. Manzanillo is also home to the Navy's Fuerza Naval del Pacífico .


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El Centro  

Downtown Manzanillo

El Centro is the downtown area. Recently renovated, it now has colonnades giving a somewhat Moorish appearance and shade under which to browse in the T-shirt & clothing shops along the harbor front. Here you will find many treasures to take home as a souvenir of your stay in Manzanillo.

The harbor sidewalk, known as the malecon, is home to many sculptures...


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Festivals  Holidays

The Festivals and Local Events Calendar   continued..     

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The peso is the official monetary unit of Mexico  "$"  denotes the peso sign. Bear in mind that notes of 1000.00 or 500.00 can be difficult to exchange with small merchants.

Banks and ATMs

There are many bank machines in all the major centers and chains, Soriana, La Comercial Mexicana, Walmart,  or Banks in El Centro and along  Boulevard Miguel de la Madrid,